NCC plan eliminates Orienteering in
Gatineau Park

The draft Gatineau Park Master Plan proposes to eliminate orienteering as a permitted activity in 98% of the Gatineau Park.

Read Orienteering Ottawa's response to the NCC below.

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What is the Gatineau Park Master Plan proposing?

  • The proposed Master Plan states that the park is, first and foremost, a place for conserving natural environments.

  • All visitors are not allowed to travel off-trail or off-road anywhere in the park.

  • Orienteering is no longer a permitted land use activity in the Gatineau Park
    (link to Map 8: Land Use Designations)

What is the impact on Orienteering Ottawa?

Orienteering Ottawa has requested that orienteering activities be permitted in the 5 areas on the map below in yellow.
All maps are located within the Outdoor Recreation Experience Area.

orienteering belongs in Gatineau park

1. Orienteering is a sport for everyone

  • Anyone can participate, from 8 years old to 80 years young

  • Our events are family friendly by traveling together on the novice courses set completely on the official trails

  • Orienteering Ottawa runs youth programs spring and fall taking kids into nature

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2. Orienteering Ottawa has a successful 50 year history of orienteering in the park

  • The first Canadian Orienteering Championships were in 1967, and we have always worked with NCC staff since the beginning

  • Over the years, 15 different areas have been mapped in the Gatineau Park by Orienteering Ottawa

  • The best orienteers in North America learned to orienteer in Gatineau Park

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3. Orienteering is a “low impact activity"

  • Orienteering off-trail is typically a solo sport, we do not create trails

  • We avoid Species at Risk by always placing controls more than 15 metres from all wet areas

  • Orienteering is a “no trace” sport. Everything is removed from the forest and assembly area immediately after the event on the same day

  • International Orienteering Federation studies have proven that the sport does not have any lasting damage on the terrain

4. Orienteering Ottawa agrees to limit the areas we use

5. Orienteering Ottawa is a model organization

  • All our events have permits and all control locations are vetted by NCC staff

  • All our participants are registered onsite for each event

  • We have offered to embrace a stewardship role in the conservation of the Gatineau Park

6. Gatineau Park is the "People's Park"

  • In 1903 the idea of creating a park for recreation in the Gatineau Hills is discussed

  • During the 1920’s cross-country skiing and hiking become more popular in the hills and Keogan Lodge chalet is built by the ski club.

  • The Federal Government acquired the first parcels of land in 1938 to stop logging and protect the area for recreation…Gatineau Park is born.

  • In 1950, the Gréber plan proposed beautifying the capital with a 33,000-hectare park for outdoor recreation thus greatly expanding the Gatineau Park boundary

  • The NCC takes over administration of the park in 1958

  • A plan completed in 1968 laid the foundations for the park’s land use showcasing its recreational functions, symbolic qualities, and natural beauty.

  • By the early 1990’s Camp Fortune and Meech Creek Valley are purchased bringing the park area to 36,131 ha or 361 sq. km.

  • Gatineau Park as a recreational area has always been its purpose

Help us save orienteering in the Gatineau Park

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